Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday, June 23, 2005



its a little project me and jake are working on to expand our music, but right now the forums are the onlything thats really up.
Look its me

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Looks like Jake can Sing.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Well ok I know its been almost literally forever since i posted and i'm sorry for that. But i'm back and I have a new track for you to listen to. So please click the "My Music" link and go to the page, also you should create an account with acid planet, it's free and then that way you can actually see my new tracks, I have too many for non-members to listen to them all. But o well, its not hard and you get to make a sweet Dj nome for yourself. Well I'll blog again soon. I have a bunch of pictures to put up but i'm still working on getting my computer back into shape. See YA.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

You's all gonna l0ve dis.

This is what me and Justin did in Geometry one day instead of out homework...we just took turns finding ways to kill each other. Justin wrote in pen, i wrote in pencil...i won. just click the pictures to see them all big and nifty..that way you can read it.
this is the first page of death..

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here is the second page

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the best one ever..i made it myself.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Funny Shizznit

Top 3 funny things that happened at work today:
3) my boss told me to take out the trash today, so i did. when i come back in she says that i can take out the trash now and handed me a bag of trash..she didnt even notice i already did it.

2) dammit i cant remember...

1) i was hanging up clothes next to were Cris (my other boss) was talking with 2 really hot chicks and i hear "he's a sexy bitch, when'd you get him" so Chris turns to me and asks how long ive been working. so i guess im a sexy bitch.


yeah thats right its fucking spring!! w00t!! its so nice out...and you know what that means...its skateboarding season! I went out side to skate a bit and there were a few problems: 1) I havent skated for like 4 months. so, im not as coordinated as i should be. 2) THERE IS SO MUCH gAWD DAEM SAND OUT THERE *points to window* and 3) its all wet and i guess ill have to wait a few more days for things to dry up..but its soo nice out.

Now for the second thing...about last friday... it was awesome. Ok, it started out with getting up early and going to school, but i had a good feeling about that day. 3rd hour i have gym, which we are doing swimming in. after we got out of the pool Kelvins like, "join me in not weraing shoes today"....i obviously was an awesome idea, so we thought of all sorts of ideas to tell teachers when they told us to put our shoes on (we weren't wearing socks eaith, so we were just bear foot in the halls) well i kept my shoes off from 3rd to 6th hour, marcus and kelvin put theres on..then off speratically through the day. Everybody thought i was on crack. it was pretty sweet. the only reason i put them on was because the lady who gaurds the lunch room door thought i was crazy and wouldnt let me get food. so, I went to art after that..did artistic things...then biology, gave Mr. Balgeman hell. then after school... Brittany was running late so we(jake me and Stacee). just walked to jakes houz...chilled till Brittany came. then Jake, Me and brittany all went to get our checks...theirs at K-Mart, mine at PacSun. I went and cashed mine, jake went and deposited some at his bank. Then we went back to jakes watched the OC, then we were supposed to leave but jake and stacee were having a gard time getting me and brittany off the couch...but finally we got up (once we ran out of breath). I was dropped off at my house they went to Britanys. I got my car and drove over there to pick them up. We used my car that night. We went to the Hangar bar and grill. i got a 1 1/4 pound burger, jake got a chicken sandwhich, and stacee got some fish things... at one point jake was like "are yoo gunna eet ur phish" stacee said "yeah but its so greasy... feel it" we all just started cracking insanely. our waiter came by and was asking us if we needed anything else... we didnt ever notice him till he was like "enjoy your meal" then we just started laughing agin. it was hilarious. Then we headed towords the theater, but we had time to waste so we took a long route around town. Brittany saw the northern lights so we took a detour, we ended up a little outside town in some cul-de-sac. we got out looked at the N. was pretty sweet, but we got cold so we all went back in the car, stacee and jake in the back, and Brittany and i in the front. Within 2 minutes the windows were fogged up. Me and Brittany were starting to get alittle hot (in more ways then 1) but it was getting close to 9 so we headed for the theater. We got there at 9..and found out there was no 9 o' clock showing of "Guess Who" so we got tickets for the 9:45 showing. We went and played in the arcade for about 30 min...jennifer showed up...then she left then we went into the movie. It was HILARIOUS. I recomend it. After that we went to jakes house to pick up stacee's stuff then took her home. Jake walked with her into the garage, so now that me and Brit had some privacy i shut the car lights off, and we spent the time doing what we always do. Jake came out...we took him home(he went to Wachington DC the following day). Then i went and dropped off Brittany, gave her a short kiss goodnight (only 10-15 min..didnt have much time). I went home and went to for the next day..
I worked 10-3 during the day (saturday) after words i dropped my dad off at the YMCA, then suprised Brittany at work... she was just getting off. so we left, i was driving...we drove out past dustins house and into another desserted dead end. We were up front chillin when a truck came up and turned around, the driver was laughing at us. There were a couple of things a desovered then...1) if one person is sitting on another in the back seat of our car, the ceiling isn't tall enough. 2) the back seat has alot of foot room. At one point there were 4 deer just standing about 20 feet from the car was creepy, if you have seen the ring 2 you will know y. yeah so then we went back to K-Mart switched into Brittany's car and went to the car wash...probly the most fun car wash ever. there were like 7 cars in front of us, so we had alot of time to burn...and we not gonna go into details cause im tired of typing. So we went back to K-Mart said our goodbye's (She was going on a cruise for 2 weeks..she's on it now) I warned her about the water in Mexico. To: jake and Brittany, you guys have fun. Miss you Brittany.. Jake get back so we can watch 24 and the OC i missed 2 episodes and you need to download them. And here i am now....

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I had to put this up.

10 commandments! must read!
10 Commandments of a Teenager
1 Thou shall not sneak out wen parents are sleeping.......why wait!
2 Thou shall not do drugz of any sort...........alchol lasts longer
3Thou shall not steal from K-Mart..........Target has a bigger selection
4 Thou shall not get arrested 4 vandalism..........destruction has a bigger effect
5 Thou shall not steal from thy parents............everyone knows grandma has more money
6 Thou shall not get into fights...............just start them
7 Thou shall not skip class........just take the whole day off!
8 Thou shall not strip in class.........Hooters pays more
9 Thou shall not think about having Nike says "just do it"
10 Thou shall not help old ladies cross the street.........just leave them in the middle

Friday, March 18, 2005


This one is probly my best one yet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

WHOA..ITS BLOGGING TIME AGAIN <(^_^)< <(^_^)> >(^_^)>

hey...i made a new song GO CHECK IT OUT....thats all for now..peazzout

Saturday, March 05, 2005

What was i thinking....(?_?)

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For the new and inexperienced

OK, this post is here for those who have never been here before. To your right you will see my links...CLICK THEM DAMMIT!!! ahem...sorry...also there is my profile with a picture of me. Read that for info on me....also if you like you should check my old posts, in the archive.....well thats should help....ok fave fun and enjoy!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Most Recent O.C. (Olmsted County)

Ok..where should i start?...wellever since the thing with Jake and maria people have gotten a little well....FUCKING STUPID! Thats just people in general, im not gonna name names but if you get offended by this and start saying shit like, " o josh is just stupid", or," YOUR FUCKING STUPID"...then the odds are that you're one of the people i was talking about ^_^. ok, so chicken it seems is still "obsessed" with maria, nothing against chicken its just that he has been trying to start shit in the lunch room in the mornings. Now, if chicken would read these blogs himself he wouldn't be so angry, cause the only thing his "friends" have printed off, are the comments, not the post or the instigating comments be for them. also, i thinks its maria's 3rd " best friend" came down to start shit too...well lets back up a the past 3 months i've heard from: amanda "o marias my best frine ever...blah blah blah", jessica "ya me and maria are best friends...blah blah shit blah", and now Micky (or how ever you spell it) "don't say shit about maria...blah blah.. she's my best friend...." so i respond with the fact that 2 or more other people are already best friends with her "well, if you ask her right now she'll tell you i am"...well it seems not only are "certain people" not very honest with evryone else, BUT "certain people" not even honest with ALL THREE of those "certain people's" "best friends" so what does that tell you? well, that people are trying to solve other peoples problems with out knowing the circumstances. jake is through with this, every one on this side of the "incident" was through with it, but the ignorant masses of the misinformed "special education" students, are causing trouble, when they are not even involved.
o yeah
No one talked to micky before hand when she came to say shit. chicken should stay out of other peoples buissness, he is obviously still "in love" with maria and is freaking out with out proper reason. and maria and amanda..or whoever is trying to get people to go after jake, and whoever, should live by the phrase "crap happens and life goes on" because certain hypocrites cannot live by their own words and standards. so if you people who read this happen to be the ones metioned in this read it again, think about your stupidity, and stop acting like squabling children cause its so damn pathetic.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


hey, so let me start at the beginning. lastnight was the sweetheart dance at my school, i was supposed to go over to brittany's house some time in the evening, but she was at a hockey game and it took longer than planeed so i ended up going over to jakes alittle early. Me, jake and stacee all sat around for a little bit, then we watched clerks (awesome show). Then Brittany called, so we ordered Chinese food and she came over, gave us a ride to her house. We took some pictures, then went to pic up our chinese food. So, we went back to jakes house watched most of office space while eating chinese food. We didn't finish office space, the dance started at 8 and we didnt get our food till around then. But we go to the dance after 9, they played some shitty rap music, but i chose to come so i can't complain. now here is some background info: Jake orginally asked maria to go to the dance, she said yes...then she said something about her parents and that she wasn't going at turnes out she was goin....and with some other guy, so everyone was completely pissed that she would do that. See, we both knew she wasn't really gonna show up, cause so doesn't show up for anything, but jake thought it was worth a try. But she decided to lie about what was going on, and be a bitch about it. so that kinda pissed every one off...that and the rap music. so anyways....after the dance we went to denny's. The waiter was probly the most boring guy was pathetic. so, had a coke, a decaf coffee, and part of a milk shake. everyone else shared a sample platter. when we went out to the car, there was a guy learing on the car next to us, "i think that guy is throwing up". as the car pulled away we noticed there was a BIG pile of pink vomit on the ice....ewwww. So, we took stacee home, Jake walked her up to her house, there was a person staring out the window at them (kinda creepy), he kissed her good night. and we were on our way. Next Jake got dropped off. Then took me a little longer to get out of the was 12:53 i kissed brittany good night untill he.....notice the time laps? (^_-) Then i went inside..took of my suit, and played counter strike for about 40 min. Well, thats is i suppose.... (^0^)/~~~ see ya
From the left: stacee, Jake, Brittany, and me!

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my tux again

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

This is a letter i got from the government.

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OK so....

2 Pretty sweet things happened...1: i got a letter from the govt. about file piracy and they threatened to shut off my internet, and 2: i got hired at Pacific ya.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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